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Advanced Boring Specialists, Inc. (ABS) has been specializing in horizontal directional drilling for over 30 plus years. We have the experience and capability to successfully drill in all ground conditions including rock, sand, clay and silt. We have extensive experience with Steel, FPVC and HDPE. With our up to date equipment and qualified staff we encourage you to utilize our expertise for design and budget.

FROM HIGHWAY CROSSINGS TO RIVER CROSSINGS, ABS has the experience you desire in water, sewer, power, fiber and environmental installations. Up to 24” diameter up to 2000’ length. Our goal is to supply a superior drilling resource at a competitive price.

As a pioneering contractor in 1989 specializing in the new and emerging horizontal directional boring industry, Advanced Boring Specialists offers over (30) years of combined horizontal drilling experience and the latest in cutting edge directional boring equipment. We market our services all over the west coast for high production directional boring. Primarily, we provide for the trenchless installations of all underground utilities, where conventional open-cut techniques are not feasible due to above ground obstructions or where high restoration costs make open-cut excavation cost prohibitive.


Company History

Advanced Boring Specialists was established in pacific northwest in 1990 by James Downing, who saw the early development of mini-size horizontal directional bore rigs, as an excellent opportunity to enter a new and cutting edge sector of the utility installation industry. Well before trenchless was a common term in the underground industry, Jim purchased one of the first mini-rigs in the pacific northwest. The rig was the first model manufactured by Ditch Witch and boasted a whopping 6,000 lbs of pullback capacity, powered by a 36 hp diesel engine. Though, the technology was in it's infancy stage compared to what is available today, it was enough to pull multiple conduits across streets and parking lots in relatively short distances. The most difficult task during the early days, was trying to convince utility companies, cities and municipalities of the benefits and cost-effectiveness of this new technology.


and how it works

Slip Lining and Pipe Reaming

Slip lining/pipe ream is one of the oldest methods for trenchless rehabilitation of existing pipelines. Slip lining is used to repair leaks or restore structural stability to an existing pipeline. Slip lining is completed by installing a smaller, "carrier pipe" into a larger "host pipe using an HDD drill and equipment. Pipe reaming is used to break apart old host pipe while at the same time installing the new carrier pipe using an HDD drill and equipment.

Fiber Optic and Power Builds

Fiber Optic and power builds: HDD is great for production installations. 100 mile project deadlines can be met installing multiple communication and power ducts.

Solid and Cobble Rock Drilling

Solid Rock and Cobble drilling is a process in which specialty tooling called Mechanical Mud Motors and Hole Openers are needed to progress through soils with high PSI ratings. Although the process tends to be quite a bit slower and more expensive, it is still a cheaper alternative than most conventional open cut applications.

River, Creek and Wetland Boring

River, creeks, wetland. When encountering a project where a Utility has to be installed under an Environmentally sensitive area (ESA) or a body of water HDD is the only application that is feasible

Vacuum Services

Vacuum services: The trucks can be used for cleanup of contaminated soil. They are also an important part of drilling oil and natural gas wells, as they are located at the drilling site. Vacuum trucks are used to remove drilling mud, drilling cuttings, cement, spills, and for removal of brine water from production tanks. They dispose of this in sump pits, treatment plants or if within safe levels may be spread out in a farmer's field.

Sanitary Sewer Jobs

Sewer Grade Boring can be completed by using specialty electronics known as Grade Beacons that can read as little as 1/10th of a percent. To achieve this, the HDD operator and steer hand must continually check line and grade during installation of the pilot bore.

Water Line Projects

Water Line: Public Municipalities have grown fond of the HDD process. Public Utilities such as Water lines are commonly installed using HDD methods as a cleaner and less disruptive alternative in heavy traffic or highly populated areas.

Fusion Services

Fusion Services: Advanced Boring employees are fusion certified for HDPE projects.


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Arlington, OR:

Power Project.  Installed multiple 8" bores in rock ground conditions across main thoroughfare for a solar wind farm, utilizing all terrain rock equipment.

Pocatello, ID:

Fiber rock build. 3 - 1 1/4 inch HDPE up to 700'. Multiple river and wetland crossings. Out performed performance estimates.

Beaverton, OR:

Sewer Grade Project. Installed multiple 8" grade bores in high traffic city setting utilizing our up to date sewer grade electronics.

San Francisco, CA:

Airport project. Installed 24 inch FPVC. High profile canal crossing. High profile security requirements. Unanticipated engineer design conditions. Installed successfully minimizing impacts.

Napa, CA:

Water project. Installed 24 inch FPVC up to 700'. High profile CAL TRANS HWY crossings. Major utility crossings. Project completed on time.


Port Angeles, WA:

Slip line water project. Multiple runs of 1-30 inch and 2-18 inch HDPE up to 1900'. Down town water front environment. Finished ahead of schedule.



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